[19.11.23. Server Changes]




Added Netrox WB token for DT and VT at Gol.

Added immunity to bosses in sentex areas.

Now you can mount up in specific dungeons in which were not been able, but only with ground mounts.

Added World boss announcer, after killing world boss announce will be send to all player + 30 sec before spawning WB announce will also be send to all player + 3 sec before spawning countdown will appear!

Added new transmog system with save sets.

Added new Wanted poster to mall, with daily quest [more quest in future].

Added new item Bag of valuble items which contains varius items.

Added new Mall boss Gnao Tree of Terror.

Added New option in Store, Glyphs|Enchants [Still in progress].

Added Vip gear preview npc in Mall.

Added damage reduction to bosses on high end gear tiers!

#vip buff, .buff got inifinit time now.

To acces Sentex zone you will need keys from Heroic 2 zones now.

Halloween event has been remuved!



Class changes:



Righteous Vengeance reduced from 10 to 5%!

Seal of Command reduced from 35% to 10%!

Judgement of Vengeance adjusted!



Druid Starfire damage slightly increased + chain to 2 targets now!

Druid Insect Swarm damage slightly increased + chain to 3 targets + amplitude reduced!

Druid Starfall duration increased from 10sec to 15 sec + cooldown reduced from 1.5min to 30sec + amplitude reduced from 1000 to 650!

Druid Hurricane amplitude reduced to 350 from 450 + slighty increased damage!



Mage Frostfire bolt slighty damage increased!

Mage Living Bomb slighty damage increased + amplitude reduced from 1000 to 500 + chain to 2 targets!

Mage Blizzard slighty damage increased + amplited reduced from 500 to 450!



Few more core updating + some fixed bugs and more info added about some items.

Re-download Patch-A and Patch-K and delete your cache!

Your NetroxRealm Dev.