[21.5.2024. Server Changes]


Added new Armor Tier zone Sentex II - Hesian Cave.

Added new type of farming Tier Sentex II with custom script which spawns waves of enemy creatures.

Added custom colors to text of some of zones.

Added quest in Land of Fel for key for Hesian Cave.

Added new Sentex II Armor set for Melee and Caster classes.

Added ranged attack power to mostly melee armor sets.

Added ranged attack power to mostly bows.

Added starting Libram/Relic/Idol/Totem/Gun/Wand/Throw

Added damage to Gun/Throw so now you can use those to shoot.

Added starting Cape/Tabard/Shirt.

Added 1 more…

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[7.5.2024. Server Changes]


Added special emote to Durotan Weapon Tiers npc and anvil infront of him with special swords on it so better look.

Added Beastmaster in mall with special teleporting option.

Added few more handmade weapons to transmog store.

Added new Titule quest to General Grashaal.

Added new Speed Buffs which increase movement speed by % (So if you have 100% movement speed and buff buff you for 10% it increase it to 10% so 110%, if you have 145% movement speed that buff will increase it for 14.5%)

Added SoundTrack to starting vendor and quest.


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[8.4.2024. Server Changes]


Reworked Tier I armor set.

Reworked Tier armor quest line.

Reworked names for all armor set.

Reworked alot of weapons quest lines.

Reworked quest and zone for weapon tier I.


Added new item to farm for Tier I.

Added scripted Boss in Grull Kingdom.

Added some new features to Sanctury Mall look.

Added new scroll spells to VIP instance to be able to be bought by VIP Emblem.

Added summon spell to VIP instance which will summon Wepons and Armor Tier npc to your location for short time…

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[11.3.2024. Server Changes]

Reworked all melee offset so it gives agillity also...

Reworked Hero Offset to give 2 rings and trinkets on quest complete. 

Reworked God Offset to give 2 rings and trinkets on quest complete.

Reworked Peace Offset to give 2 rings and trinkets on quest complete.

Reworked Bloody Offset to give 2 rings and trinkets on quest complete.


Increased loot from Phoenix mobs.

Increased loot from Phoenix Iro.

Increased loot from Gar Magic Exhauster.


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[12.2.2024. Server Update]

As main change we finnaly manage to make all characters and npc HD so no more changes in that segment.

Added few new [SERVER] Announce in chat with some new info about ingame.

Added Vip set 2 for melee and casters in Esc-Shop.

Added new VIP instance for those who have vip rank 1 [to acces to VIP instance type #vip i in chat].

Added 37 new Vote and Donor mounts in Esc-Shop.

Added 4 new Donor Transmogs in Esc-Shop.

Added new World Boss Krix the Demolisher [With spell mechanic].

Added new Ring of Contempt which you can get from quest at Krix the Demolisher.

Added Krix Rusty Box with materials…

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