As main change we finnaly manage to make all characters and npc HD so no more changes in that segment.

Added few new [SERVER] Announce in chat with some new info about ingame.

Added Vip set 2 for melee and casters in Esc-Shop.

Added new VIP instance for those who have vip rank 1 [to acces to VIP instance type #vip i in chat].

Added 37 new Vote and Donor mounts in Esc-Shop.

Added 4 new Donor Transmogs in Esc-Shop.

Added new World Boss Krix the Demolisher [With spell mechanic].

Added new Ring of Contempt which you can get from quest at Krix the Demolisher.

Added Krix Rusty Box with materials for Ring of Contempt [but have chance to contain rings too].

Added new Ancient Zone Kingdom of Antoris.

Added 3 new updates for Antoris Cape which reward you with special custom looking Wings.

Added new quest to General Grashaal for World Bosses.

Added 3 new moonkin forms for druids to farm at Feras Druid Morpher.

Added portal to Stairs of Destiny next to Antoris Anias in Sanctury Mall


Open pvp testing process.

Warsong Gulch is currently in operation, where you will immediately upon entering receive a debuff that will reduce your dmg by 95% and reduce your haste rating by 70%!

[At this moment its only for testing purpuse!]


Also fixed some minor and major problems.


Your Netrox Realm Team.