[Server Update]

[19.11.23. Server Changes]




Added Netrox WB token for DT and VT at Gol.

Added immunity to bosses in sentex areas.

Now you can mount up in specific dungeons in which were not been able, but only with ground mounts.

Added World boss announcer, after killing world boss announce will be send to all player + 30 sec before spawning WB announce will also be send to all player + 3 sec before spawning countdown will appear!

Added new transmog system with save sets.

Added new Wanted poster to mall, with daily quest [more quest in future].

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11.11 [Server Update]

[11.11.23. Server Changes]



Added Daily Login reward at time 23:55 every day you will recive reward if you are in world!

Added new Sentex armor zone

Added full tier gear Sentex Melee/Caster

Added Top Voters sidebox on webside

Added so you cant buy new bag with items inside

Added 4 Druid cat and bear displays if you have right items in inventory

Added new zone for druids to farm for Druid Form Token

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[Server Update]

Changed drop rate on Weapon/Armor quest


Changed Druid Cat [Testing]


Changed quest of normality now gives 2 rings and 2 trinkets.


Added 2 new Daily quests [World Rares II] and [Catch me if you can]


Changed location of the Mall


Vip mall in progress [check it with command #vip mall (only vip accs)]



Your Netrox Realm Dev.

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